How to access the VR Show

Getting Started


On your mobile or your desktop device go to Spatial and create a username and password.


Once you have created your account click link 

to add the room to your account. 


Refer below for both VR headset set up and desktop or mobile device access.

Access through Mobile or tablet 📱

  1. After setting up your account, click on the provided link to access the “ID Thesis Show”. You will be redirected to your list of available rooms in your Spatial account.
  2. Click on the room titled  “CCA ID Senior Show”. 

For a more in-depth interaction, we recommend downloading the Spatial app on your phone or tablet. 

  1. go to the app store and download “Spatial
  2.  Click on the provided link for the shared room, you will be redirected to a web browser, cancel out and open the application
  3. “CCA ID Senior Show” will now be in your collection of rooms.
  4. Click on the room to join.

Set Up VR HEadSet 🥽

  1. Once you have created your account, download the Spatial app on your VR headset.
  2. Open the Spatial app on your headset (you may need to click on “New User”) a code will appear.
  3. Note down the code and take off your headset.
  4. Back in your browser, click the “Pair Headset” button in the top right of the webpage. It is located next to the search bar at the top.
  5. Enter the 5-digit code.
  6. Your account and headset are now paired.

Access on VR Headset

  1. Click the provided link for the shared room in your web browser. You will be redirected to your Spatial account.
  2.  Put on your headset and go to your applications, select the Spatial app.
  3. The “ID Senior Show” room will be listed under the available room you can join. (If you cannot see the room, hold down the trigger on the bottom of the right controller and move your hand right to left to scroll through your available rooms.)